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KINETICS™ TITAN, a modular seismic and wind restraint vibration isolator, is recommended for equipment mounted on a structural frame or concrete inertia base where the top plate of the isolator can be fully utilized.

Interior Room Acoustics

  • Acoustical Wall and Ceiling Treatments
  • Acoustical Diffusers and Reflectors
  • Acoustical Baffles and Cloud Panels

News & Product Briefs

Environmental Noise Control

  • Community Noise Control
  • Rigid Enclosures
  • Barrier Systems
  • Building Ventilation Silencers
  • Wall Absorption Products

Precision Equipment Isolation

  • CMM & MRI Isolation
  • Vibration Isolation
  • Foundation Design
  • Dynamometers
  • Simulation and Test Equipment

Cinema Acoustics

Acoustical Panels for

  • Theaters
  • Entry Ways
  • Screening Rooms
  • Projection Booths
  • Lobbies

Heavy Industrial Noise & Vibration

Silencing of Engine Test Cells, Gas Turbine Engines, Tuned Mass Dampers, Wind Tunnels, Combustor Test Rigs and Heavy Industrial Equipment