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Heavy Industrial Division

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KINETICS' Heavy Industrial Division's focus is to bring reliable customized noise and vibration control solutions to our clients. Customized solutions ensure that our clientís requirements are met with the most economical design. Our capabilities include Engineering Analyses (Noise Control, Vibrations, Aerodynamics, Structural, and Thermal), Noise and Vibration Data Collection and Analyses, Custom Product Design, Fabrication, Installation, and Project Management.


Kinetics Noise Control acquired Vibron Limited in 1996, now known as Vibron Products Group. Vibron Limited was a Noise and Vibration Control Consulting and Manufacturing Company, whose long history goes back to 1959. Vibronís team of experts was rewarded with many challenging projects in North America, Europe, and Asia.


The H.I.D team is composed of highly qualified engineers, some with Ph.D.s or Master degrees and all with Professional Engineering Licences. Our expertise is in the fields of Noise Control, Acoustics, Vibrations, Aerospace, Aerodynamics, and Structural.

Engineered Products

Industrial equipment and systems may contaminant the environment with excessive noise and vibration. When natural attenuation and damping factors are not adequate to meet government regulations and industry guidelines, noise and vibration control products must be installed. V.H.I.D can reduce low, middle, and high frequency impacts by custom designing and manufacturing the noise and vibration control needed.

V.H.I.D customizes each of their designs so that clients are provided with products that match their application requirements and are provided with the most optimal design. Another advantage of our custom design products is their ability to integrate perfectly with your mating equipment or systems.

All impacts from all phases of the productís life cycle are considered at the concept design stage. Product/system life cycle assessments include product performance, product reliability, cost effectiveness, and environmental impact. V.H.I.D's noise and vibration control design strategy focus on meeting client specifications along with accurate analysis of the noise/vibration sourceís operating conditions, site environmental conditions & loads, product material options, structural connection and load supports, transportation efficiency, installation ease and feasibility, among many others.

All products are constructed with top quality weld connections and surface finished to protect against environmental corrosion.